Participants Needed for a Supplement Study

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Participants Needed for a Supplement Study

Researchers in the Exercise & Sport Nutrition Laboratory (ESNL) at Texas A&M University are recruiting approximately 80 resistance trained men between the ages of 18 and 40 to participate in a supplement study. Participants will be randomized into one of four supplemental groups. The study will examine the pharmacokinetic, safety and testosterone response of an over-the-counter nutritional supplement. Eligible participants will receive $175 for completing the study. Seven total visits spread out over approximately nine weeks will be required.

For more information call:

Exercise & Sport Nutrition Laboratory (ESNL)
Department of Health & Kinesiology (HLKN)
1700 Research Parkway
Suite # 2500

979- 458-1743

TAMU IRB #: IRB2014-0796F, Approved: 05/01/2015, Expiration Date: 02/01/2016